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We are the No.1 leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Paper Bags. Our Excellent Quality is widely appreciated by Our Clients and We strive to meet expectation of Our clients. We firmly believe in giving full satisfaction to Our clients and Deliver a wide range of product like Handmade Paper Bags and Kraft Paper Bags etc…

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Paper bags not only carrying your products, but also carrying your brand. Brand goes place with the bags. Today a we designed stylish paper carry bags speaks for the quality of the products it carries. It is one the important medium of advertising.

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Easy pickers paper bag’s twist and flat handle bags are strong, robust and engineered to with stand a number of application and products. Made of Kraft paper, one of the strongest papers in the world, a paper bag’s carry bag features solid continuous beads of industrial strength glue for supreme durability. Our reinforced handle patches are made of the same Kraft paper creating a carry bag with extreme pulling power.


Easy Pickers paper bag’s wholly owned and operated manufacturing plants ensures any product purchased has been subjected to best quality assurance.


When you purchase from Easy pickers paper bags purchasing direct from the manufacturer, which means we deliver the same exceptional quality, finish and service, time after time.